Workshop Day 1

The first day of the # Right2theCity Workshop, participants started by reading the city of Shkodra from Mount Tarabosh.

Then, they walk around the city, trying to make him feel like every citizen.

The students shared their experiences and findings with the facilitators of the Workshop, the architects Arber Sadiki, Kujtim Elezi, Pezana Rexha, Eltjana Shkreli and Armir Ferati.

Many free discussion topics became part of the debate:

1. The city as an open book has in its content of many layers, may they be social, historical, circulating arteries of streets, public spaces, building typologies… All these have a common denominator, which is the collective memory, that works as a subconscious, but it is fundamental guide for the future of cities.

2. Human behaviour is a very valuable asset in shaping cities. Communities are always ahead of development because they belong to the city and are inextricably linked to it, so when planning and designing urban spaces, we need to include community thoughts and suggestions. The designs are beautiful on paper, but remain on paper. The challenge is how to implement it into physical space. Reality is and remains people, because otherwise cities turn into monsters without human feeling.

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