Ervin Goci | Right to the City 2

Meet our Key Speaker, Albania

Ervin Goci completed his studies in Philosophy at the University of Tirana, his postgraduate studies were oriented in Humanities, and then continued his doctoral studies in the Department of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of History and Philology, where he has been working since 2005’s. He has covered several disciplines as a university lecturer, such as communication theories, theories on public space and community engagement, public relations theories, and managerial models in new media. He has been part, regularly, in studies and scientific conferences of the Department of Journalism and Communication, offering his expertise in the conceptual phase of these projects. Lecturer Ervin Goci has extended the theoretical delivery beyond the university auditorium, covering a weekly column on national public television, on issues related to the relationship between the media and modern technologies, editing and producing news in the time of algorithms, building public opinion on the dynamics of networks social. Beyond university projects, Mr. Goci regularly engages in several research projects in partnership with organizations focused on issues of public sensitivity such as the environment, human rights, professional status of journalists, offering his expertise in moderating public communication of these agencies.

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