‘The small spontaneous spaces are more alive than designed ones’ – Right to the City 2 in Radio Shkodra

In amidst of workshop intensity of fathoming the city in 3 days and collecting as much data from the community life, two of the participants joined a morning radio program hosted by Radio Shkodra in the last day. As former citizens of Shkodra, Ms. Jona and Ms. Klea expressed the different sensation they have received from the dynamics of the city by observing it not only with a more objective point of view after being withdrawn for years, but also as architects and urban planners. Hereupon, they felt more determined to fully engage in this Workshop, not only because of being one of the rare activities of this kind being hosted in the city, but also after perceiving the faint sense of belonging by the community, who might awaken to discuss issues of their rights to the city and protect them by watching young generations and professionals tackling these issues. Moreover, the participants shared how this experience of wandering around the city, allowing to be absorbed by it through interacting with the community, have transformed the way they approach project implementations; understanding the importance of civic participation. Notably, these observations are what have brought them to the conclusion of intervening into small polycentric public spaces, comprehending the potentials of the small spontaneous spaces among buildings that can become revived shared spaces.

The participants promised to work hard on this last to elaborate all what they have been able to gather these days and announced the open forum taking place online on Friday the 20th, where not only will they present to the audience the results, but also invite the viewers of this morning program to join and learn from the current realities of other cities in the Balkans brought through the 11 key speakers.

Despite the obvious pessimism perceived by the community, Ms. Jona and Ms. Klea emphasized that Shkodra is not yet under intensive construction as Tirana, therefore the city is still in time to protect their right to the public space, what belongs to them.

Follow the full interview in the link below.

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