Right to the City 2, Workshop day 3

The third day of Right to the City 2 workshop started with interviews on local radio and television. Some of them in the studios and other accompanied by the journalist on the fields, the participants seemed eager to share this experience with the audience, to communicate the fundamental importance of the them, the community, in the daily dynamics of a city.

After two intensive days in the field, conducting observations on the city streets and direct interviews with citizens where the necessary information was provided to understand the current situation of the city along with the issues, the third day consisted on elaborating all information collected into a manual for public spaces. Through this draft, a summary of the whole workshop was made, so that the conclusions drawn could be shared with a wider audience. The manual contains very simple diagrams / sketches that describe the sensitivities of the citizens for their city, therefore attention was paid to the suggestions received from the citizens themselves. The evaluations were based on the image of the city created by combining all the day, identifying zones according to land use and emphasising issues accordingly. Based on community perceptions extracted from the interviews, the participants of the Workshop aim to offer potential proposals for public spaces that will somehow bring back some rights to their city.

After a long day of brainstorming ideas to utilize any information they have received from the city and community, the workshop participants held a final session with their facilitators. Excited to present their work to a larger audience, but also inspired by what they have gained during this experience, the students show step by step what they will present and the final product of the workshop. Facilitators, who follow them carefully by giving occasional instructions, emphasize that the product is an end, but a means to an end because only by sharing with others the whole process, studies, observations, perceptions and impressions will manage to convey to others the empathy to the city and a sense of belonging.

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