Right to the City, architecture students in Shkoder

Wandering around the city street to seeks for insight from the citizen by interviewing them, this time the participants of the Workshop encountered local media journalist and become interviewees. They shared with them one of the main issues, that of centralization. Only through exploring and experiencing it encouraged by a main purpose and critical thinking, the city has disclosed potential public space, which can be transformed into attractive gathering space because of their distinctive features. The students engaged in Right to the City 2, emphasize that the flux of movement in the city centre should not be the motivation of focusing investments in that area. On the contrary, project implementation or interventions in public space must be guided by the human behaviours in those spaces. They highlight to the interviews that leads back to the importance of community participation in analysing the context and designing them. As Ms. Pezana Rexha, a facilitator in this Workshop, states: This kind of approach ought to raise awareness for the responsibility of young professionals as architects, urban planners, but more importantly as citizens.

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