Ms. Jona, the young graduated architect from Shkodra participating the Workshop was invited to share her experience and the framework of Right to the City 2 in a morning show hosted by RTSH (Albanian Radio – Television).  While introducing how Right to the City was initially hosted by GO2 since 2017, she brought to attention the need of understanding our cities, understanding public space and our rights to it, especially after several crisis such as the later, Covid19 pandemic. To analyze and be able to comprehend how social, political and economical aspects come together and effect the dynamics of a city, communicating with the community is and irreplaceable approach, which has been the methodology of the workshop. Sharing the intensive 3-day experience on field-study, Ms. Jona stated how they had felt the sensitivity of citizens towards the city and public spaces they frequent. This direct contact helped them understand the sense of belonging, issues, threats and opportunities, which is the start of understanding the city.

Especially, regarding the diversity of communities and cities face, Ms. Jona shares how valuable and insightful have been the cases brought to the audience by the key speakers in the online open forum. Moreover, she expressed enthusiastic how these cases of success can inspire young professionals towards responsible design through civic participations.

You may watch the full interview below.

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